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Mar 24, 2018:Posted a new song: "Dark Fool" https://t.co/25QcRLRUHs #music https://t.co/e23v8Oifrp
Jan 27, 2018:Posted a new photo: https://t.co/PCQszw6zMI https://t.co/e23v8Oifrp
Jun 4, 2016:Our new 'Black Tarot album is out NOW!-Available from Venus Aeon Records & on our official website https://t.co/UgWySMGfHV
Apr 23, 2016:Posted a new song: "Hexorcism " https://t.co/nYUKmMViYJ #music https://t.co/e23v8Oifrp



The New video teaser for ''Dark Fool' from the forthcoming new album

entitled 'Clockwork Armageddon'.




The new 'Black Tarot' album is released NOW on Venus Aeon records!!!

The album is available to purchase on the webstore of this site on CD and also via the Venus Aeon records on CD and digital download on this link:


See promos below and in the video section from the album and stream tracks on the music player of this website.








VOODOO BIBLE are a new dark alternative neo industrial electronic band....

Blending dark industrial mutant voodoo rhythm and electronica to bring you a unique new sound.

Written by and featuring William Westwater from FEAR INCORPORATED, INFRA RED,EXIT STRATEGY and DARK SINFONIA.....

And co written by Berwyn Waddon founder of the mighty EXIT STRATEGY and he appears as a member of this band on guitar also.

A debut album is  written which is themed on and entitled 'SEVEN DEADLY SINS' by which all the seven sins are covered in dark macabre musical fashion.

CRYSELLA RECORDS a well known alternative record is releasing the debut album on digital download and CD respectively in February/March 2014

Crysella Records have been working in the record label industry for 20 years and have released many alternative artists acclaimed in the music world. 

 See the advert below for for release dates-Digital worldwide on 28th Feb 2014 and 8th and 11th March 2014 respectively for European and US CD release dates.