Ver Sacrum-'Black Tarot' album review
Second CD for Voodoo Bible, interesting Welsh Scottish group, which could be described as a hybrid between the violent sound of Killing Joke and heretics choirs of Virgin Prunes, to which are added drum machine in the foreground and industrial and EBM influences. An original cocktail, perhaps more than you can explain in words, the result of which is an obscure ritual sound arcane, with deep esoteric references; that seem to go beyond a fashonista facade. which ensures adrenaline rush from start to finish listening. [Read More...]
Black Tarot Review By Draven Taylor
Voodoo Bible gives us a first glimpse at their upcoming new album, Black Tarot. The next page presents some of the music included in this album that is planned for later this year. As one of the groups that likes to explore the many facets in Electronic music, Voodoo Bible has presented a myriad of perspectives in their music that have captivated their listeners. This groundwork was laid out with their prior album, Seven Deadly Sins, and carries on with this new album. Black Tarot has shown what Voodoo Bible has in potential and shapes it into a dystopian Electro-Industrial image for their fans. It is this direction that has given their music a representation of a darkening in the realm of madness that is shown in melody rather than being bound by the visual medium. This insanity in music they have created gives a feel that few bands could match and few artists would consider to voyage into. It is this lack of fear of the unknown in their psyche that presents a style that has been the therapy that leaves the listener wanting another session with the music. Some say that the loss of reality is bad, yet sometimes it is losing this foothold that can grant direction and expression that is not only unknown, but more expressive than the norm. Genre(s): Electro-Industrial, Gothic Punk, Experimental Originality: 10/10 Recommendation: 9/10 The Following is based on the Genre Listed Above: Club: 7/10 Radio (United States): 7/10 Radio (Germany): 9/10 Radio (Russia): 8/10 - See more at: [Read More...]
Voodoo Bible Debut Album
Voodoo Bible's debut album entitled Seven Deadly Sins will be released on 8th March in Europe and on 11th March in North America via Crysella Records. UK based duo is mixing eerie harsh melodies and disturbing vocals with gothic, cyberpunk, industrial and dark electro music to bring a deadly new energy into the alternative music scene. Album is themed, like the title suggest on seven deadly sins that are covered in a twisted macabre musical fashion. The band consists of William Westwater from the acclaimed Fear Incorporated, Infra Red and Exit Strategy, with Berwyn Waddon-founder of the mighty Exit Strategy, also now Voodoo Bible's resident guitar player. Tracklist and cover artwork are below. On this location you can still download for free previously released single Lust, which was came out in September 2013 by Zorch Factory Records - See more at:
Voodoo Bible 'Seven Deadly Sins' album
Crysella Records confirms 8th March for Europe and 11th March as the North & South American release date of "SEVEN DEADLY SINS" physical CD, the label debut from Edinbourgh/Wales' Noir-Industrial-Electro " Voodoo Bible ". With 12 pages full colored booklet and transparent tray comes this album in a nice packaging. Already this week we target preorders via iTunes and 300+ other digital platforms worldwide (digital album official release date is 28 February). Physical CD preorders will be announce accordingly, as early as possible time, with discounted pricing for early birds.
Voodoo Bible, a new dark/electro/alternative/industrial band formed by William Westwater (Fear Incorporated, Infra Red, Exit Strategy, Dark Sinfonia,...) and Berwyn Waddon (Exit Strategy), will release their debut album entitled Seven Deadly Sins in 2014 via Crysella Records. Bands debut single, Lust, was released on 20th September by Zorch Factory Records. The band just posted online a short video teaser featuring excerpt from the track "Wrath" taken from upcoming debut album. How wicked their music is can be heard below.
VooDoo Bible
Voodoo Bible is a dark industrial/electronic band from the UK, playing hauntingly dark yet catchy music. The song that I have been given is called Gluttony and is taken from the bands upcoming album Seven Deadly Sins. On this song I find eerie melodies, which get complimented by the spooky and sometimes down right disturbing vocals. To my mind this sounds like something straight from the psych ward. If you like dark electronic music that will scare the shit out of you and at the same time give you something to think about with its thought provoking lyrics, then this my good Sir and or Madame surely is for you.
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